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Go green to help keep Lake Tahoe blue

When you visit Lake Tahoe, you can help keep the environment healthy too. Below are some ideas:

1. Ride your bike, take the trolley or bus, walk or carpool. Excessive automobile use degrades air quality in the Basin and contributes to the decline in Tahoe's clarity. Before you get in your car, think about how you might be able to consolidate trips...or opt for another mode of transportation.

2. Choose low-impact recreational opportunities. Choose Lake Tahoe friendly activities such as kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. You'll actually enjoy the lake in a whole different way.

3. Stay on trails when you hike or bike. Straying from the trail causes excessive erosion.

4. Get educated and involved. Educating yourself on local environmental issues and regulations is a great way to learn about what's happening in Lake Tahoe and how you can help keep Lake Tahoe "Blue".

5. Pick up after your pet. Animal waste contains nutrients that can wash into the lake and contribute to algae growth.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint. New research shows that Lake Tahoe could be vastly impacted by global climate change.

7. Do not feed the wildlife. Bears, raccoons, coyotes and especially the Canada Geese, become accustomed to humans and are in danger of their natural ability to survive. Assist the animals by not feeding them.

8. Place all trash in bear proof receptacles. Do not leave trash on the ground or in garbage bins that are not bear proofed.

9. Avoid disrupting the natural ecosystem. Non-native plants or animals can wreck havoc on habitats, particularly if there is no natural predator to keep the species in check.

10. Heed Forest Service signs and warnings. They are there to protect you, the environment, and the wildlife.

To read about our specific green programs.
Our environmental efforts are continuously being updated and developed, so please check back often.



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