A Green Hotel Taking a Stand for Sustainability

We’re proud to be the area leader in hotel environmental sustainability.

We’re all fortunate to be able to visit, vacation, play, live, or work in one of nature’s most beautiful recreational areas. As a green hotel, the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is committed to keeping things that way. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and has clarity of 70 ft.—meaning you can see 70 feet down into its crystal clear waters. Each year the residents and visitors of Lake Tahoe work to maintain and improve that clarity; to keep Lake Tahoe pristine for future generations to enjoy.

We continuously consult with environmental and energy-efficiency experts to help us analyze and develop additional opportunities to continue leading the way for green hotel business and environmental sustainability in Tahoe.

Get details about our green programs and Zero Waste Meeting Initiatives

Want to help? Check out these tips to  keep Lake Tahoe blue on your green vacation!

BlueGo Bus Service

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel supports the use of public transportation to get to all the fun places. Please visit the BlueGo page to find out more information on how to find the fun by riding the bus.

Take Care Travel Pledge

Please join us as we pledge to be mindful and respectful of the magical landscape of Lake Tahoe.
• Check out the Lake Tahoe Travel Pledge

Green Vacation Activities – Summer

Lake Tahoe State Parks
Whether it’s a beach or mountainside you desire, Lake Tahoe State Parks are the perfect place to explore the beauty of our region.
• Tips for some of the local beaches
• More information for State Parks around the basin

Explore the backcountry any way you like. Local hikes range from quick outings to the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail.
• Tips for some of our favorite trails
• More information for trails around the basin

Biking Trails
Just you and your two wheels… nothing beats exploring South Lake Tahoe on a bike. It’s eco-friendly and always fun!
• Tips for some local bike rentals and nearby bike trails
• More information for bike trails around the basin

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
Hit the water on a SUP and you’ll cruise all day without leaving a trace. This is an awesome way to explore the shoreline. Just try not to fall in!
• Tips for local Paddleboard rentals

Kayak Rentals 
If sitting down on the water is your personal preference, then kayaking is the perfect choice to cruise the lake while leaving no harmful pollutants behind.
• Tips for local kayak rentals

Rock Climbing
If you’re up for scaling a mountainside or doing some world-class bouldering, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for you. Fantastically fun. Pollutant-free!
• View rock climbing locations around the basin

Green Vacation Activities – Winter

Get outside and explore the beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin without sinking into feet of fluffy white snow.
• Tips and locations of snowshoe locations around the basin

Cross Country Skiing
Get outside and explore the beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin—no chairlift required. Oh the places you will go!
• Tips for some local cross country trails
• More information for cross country skiing around the basin