Lake Tahoe Rock Climbing

Story from Chazz Spaeth, Bellman at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

My Tahoe is rock climbing.

My favorite Lake Tahoe climbing spots are Lovers Leap and The Pie Shop, and my choice spot is Eagle Creek Canyon, off Hwy 89 about 8.5 miles north of junction U.S. 50. Take the waterfall trail. After a few hundred feet, the path splits; go right onto the Loop Trail. Shortly you’ll come to the Vista Trail; follow it up, and you’ll come to a bench where there’s a beautiful view of Emerald Bay. Straight up from the bench and just off the path you ascend over a granite slab for about 150 feet to a 90-foot wall. This is my favorite top rope area with quality granite and a great place to hang! Be safe and climb on.

For more information on Lake Tahoe rock climbing, contact Tahoe Resort Hotel today. Our staff can’t wait to share all the hot spots and climbing secrets that make the South Lake Tahoe area so special to them!