Lake Tahoe Kayaking

Story from Murray, Bellman at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

My Tahoe is kayaking.

Baldwin Beach and Sand Harbor are my two favorite places to kayak on Lake Tahoe. Baldwin is close to the hotel and is only 1¼ mile paddle to Emerald Bay. Sand Harbor is on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe and has miles of beautiful rocky shoreline. Here you will find some of the clearest water on the lake. At both areas, kayak rentals are right on the beach. The water can get real rough late in the afternoon, so try to get an early start. Close to Tahoe, Echo Lakes is another great place to kayak. It is two lakes connected by a pretty waterway with 1500 foot ridges on both sides.

Make the most of your time at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel by talking with our staff to get to know the South Tahoe area even better. In Murray’s case, kayaking is a passion, and he’d love to help you plan a perfect kayak adventure in or around Lake Tahoe!

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