Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing

Story from Our Service Bartender, Robert Martires

My Tahoe Fly FishingMy Tahoe is fly fishing.

My favorite places to fly fish around Lake Tahoe are the East Walker, East Carson, and Truckee Rivers. Even though the East Walker River is over an hour from South Lake Tahoe, it’s one of the best fly fishing rivers in the area. I catch 16″ to 23″ rainbows and browns there. Like skiing, you have to check out the weather forecast for fishing. What you look for is water flows (csf), type of insect activity and, of course, the weather. And then it’s “tight lines.” Visit for forecasts and recommendations.

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Directions to the Best Fly Fishing Spots in the Tahoe Area:

Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Map

East Walker River

Go right on Hwy 50 and turn right on Kingsbury Grade. At the bottom of the Grade, turn right onto Foothill. In about 1 mile, turn left onto Centerville Road. It becomes Desslerville Road and then Riverview Drive. Turn right onto Hwy 395 and drive approximately 60 miles. Turn left onto Hwy 182. East Walker River is approximately 6 miles from the Bridgeport Reservoir.

East Carson River

Turn left onto Hwy 50. Turn left onto Hwy 89. At the “T” of Hwy 89 & 88, turn left onto Hwy 88, then turn right onto Hwy 89 again in Woodfords. Follow Hwy 89 until you see the river just before Hangman’s Bridge and Markleeville.

Truckee River

Turn right on Hwy 50 and travel to Hwy 28 and turn left. Continue to Kings Beach and turn right on Hwy 267. Go to Interstate 80, turn right towards Reno. Take the Hirschdale Ave. exit, turn left and go under the overpass onto Stampede Meadows Rd. Turn left on Boca Road and park. Look to where Prosser Creek merges with the Truckee River from there walk down-stream about a mile.