Kids Just Want to Have Fun

Let’s face it, kids, Lake Tahoe is a natural fantasyland for you and the rest of your family and it all starts at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

You’ll love the space of our two-room suite. You can even watch cartoons in the morning without your parents waking up! Plus, just a quick trip downstairs with your parents in the morning for ALL the food you want! Then, when you’re ready for the day, your fantasy land awaits!

In the warmer months, you can drag your parents along to enjoy miles of clear water beaches hundreds of fun hiking and nature trails, horseback riding, jet skiing, boating, miniature golf, swimming, fishing, picnicking.

In the snow months, there’s sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, ice-skating, snowman building.

Plus, of course the stormy weather activities if your parents don’t want to be outside; bowling, movie theaters, indoor ice-rinks, indoor swimming pools.

Anyway, if you want more information of some of the fun activities to do around the lake, take a look at our attractions or recreation page. You’ll get all sorts of ideas to help your parents create your fantasy vacation!