The Best Places To Enjoy Lake Tahoe’s Fall Colors

Lake Tahoe fall colors

Summer has come to an end and fall is officially here. After a successful summer, there’s no reason why your adventures should come to an end! People from all around choose to visit Lake Tahoe in the fall months not only for the cooler fall weather, but also for the unforgettable golden fall colors. From our tree tops to mountain ranges, there’s no doubt that Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to experience fall foliage. With that being said, here are the best places to enjoy the fall colors in Lake Tahoe!

Hope Valley

One of the most popular places to check out the fall colors is Hope Valley. This stunning destination is located just south of South Lake Tahoe with endless aspen forests and bright yellowish-orange leaves. You can enjoy these views on the 2 ½ mile hike on Crater Lake trail or for just a little bit of a longer trail, you can explore the 3 mile Scotts Lake path. This fall foliage is quite exceptional so be sure to check it out!

Taylor Creek Visitor Center

Fall colors and salmon spawning? Bonus! The Taylor Creek Visitor Center is home of four fascinating trails where you can effortlessly walk and enjoy the fall colors. Every fall around October, the Lake Tahoe Kokanee Salmon spawn in Taylor Creek, right along the Visitor Center’s trails. This makes it a great place for some fun family memories in Lake Tahoe!

Marlette Lake

For those of you seeking a little longer of a fall adventure, Marlette Lake has a 10 mile round trip trail and is only about 20 minutes away from the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. The beautiful Sierra Nevadas make the fall foliage stand out like none other and the bright fall leaves reflect off of Marlette Lake just like in the movies. Depending on where you choose to explore, this is a moderate to difficult trail so be sure to keep that in mind before visiting. Grab your hiking and take an adventure to Marlette Lake!

Ebbetts Pass

Ebbetts Pass is a mountain pass through the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is located on Highway 4, just south of Hope Valley. This place is stunning in the fall due to the numerous aspen trees that show off unbelievably vibrant colors. Enjoy the views right from your car or make a quick stop and do some exploring. A picnic lunch under the glistening fall leaves sounds like a great idea to us!

Luther Pass

Luther Pass is another mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada and is a bit closer to South Lake Tahoe. This mountain pass screams gorgeous fall colors, so you’ll definitely want to pull over and take some shots of these views! Luther Pass is a popular destination for professional photographers around the fall season, so don’t be surprised if you run into other nature lovers when you’re visiting.

Lam Watah Trail

A great place for all hiking lovers to explore in the fall is the Lam Watah Nature Trail. This 2.8 mile trail leads you to Nevada Beach and is in great condition for all skill levels. On your hike you’ll see a variety of wildlife, beautiful mountain ranges, and fall colors for miles. With all of the colorful leaves surrounding you, you’ll be in your own little Lake Tahoe oasis!

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen leaves are literally in its name! Fallen Leaf Lake is a great place to explore with your family and friends to enjoy the fall views. This great destination is right off of Highway 89 with several spots for parking available. The hike to the water is a quick and easy 15 minute walk, which makes this place great for all hiking levels. There is also a shop at this location where you can rent boats and kayaks, as well as buy food and drinks for a fun family day.

Apple Hill

If you’re looking for the total fall package, then Apple Hill is the place for you! This place may be a little bit of a drive from South Lake Tahoe, but it would be totally worth making a day trip out of it. Apple Hill has it all between apple picking, wine tasting, views of golden falling leaves and more. Plan and enjoy all of the fun activities of fall when you visit Apple Hill!

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

Although we may be a bit biased, we think that the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is the BEST place to enjoy Lake Tahoe fall colors! With being surrounded by nature all over, you’ll be able to see the most amazing views from your outdoor sundeck access. Our endless hotel amenities will immerse you right into the colors of fall, without having to travel anywhere else!

Are you ready to experience fall colors like you’ve never experienced before? Book your stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and explore all of these beautiful places. Also check out the Top 7 Lake Tahoe Tours and Excursions to experience even more incredible fall views. Start your fall adventures now!