Small Touches To Make Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Extra Special

Extra special Lake Tahoe weding

When planning your Lake Tahoe wedding, we know that you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your big day as special and as memorable as possible. We’ve seen so many amazing Lake Tahoe weddings here at the hotel, and wanted to share some of our favorite special touches with you!

Altar Decor

Add altar decor! Adding different pieces of altar decor can really change the look of your wedding. Think about including a cute white vanity to place sentimental pieces on or having a beautiful flowery vine over the top of you when you say “I do.” Any simple piece of decor can really make your altar pop and look one of a kind.

Aisle Runner

Having an aisle runner at your wedding ceremony is a small touch that will make your aisle look clean and sharp. An aisle runner can really accentuate the elegance and beauty as you and your wedding party walk down the aisle. This type of decor looks stunning in beach ceremonies, so if you plan to have a Lakeside Beach Wedding at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, we highly recommend getting an aisle runner!

Dogs in your Ceremony

A simple and cute idea is to incorporate your dogs into your ceremony. Having your fluffy companions by your side on one of the most special days of your life can really make your day ten times better, and your guests will definitely enjoy seeing their cute fluffy faces at the ceremony as well. Dogs are a great way to grab your guests’ attention and they might also help to calm your nerves down a bit too!

Dessert Display

Desserts are more than just a yummy treat, they’re a work of art! Creating a stunning, personalized dessert display is a small extra step that will make a big impression on your guests. Between cupcakes, macaroons and lemon bars, choose the treats that are most meaningful to you and your partner and have them styled to fit your wedding aesthetic.. Be sure to get plenty of pictures of the work of art (and have your venue set some aside for you to enjoy after the party!) before your guests start digging in!

Mix Things Up

Keeping with the desserts topic, think about serving something unexpected at your wedding. For a summer wedding in Lake Tahoe, sometimes the temperature can be HOT, so a frozen treat would be a great way to keep your guests cool! Serve all appetizers to keep people moving around and visiting instead of stuck in a chair for a full meal. Bring in local entertainment beyond a band with a magician, poker game, or even karaoke!

First Look

Having a private first look with your future partner, instead of seeing them for the first time down the aisle, is a popular option these days. First looks are a great way for you to share an intimate moment with your partner before everyone’s eyes are on you at the ceremony and capture some amazing, heart-tugging photos. We love the first look idea, especially when you’ve got those stunning Tahoe views in the background!

Wedding Painter

We think hiring a wedding painter is an extra special idea for your wedding. Wedding painters paint a special moment for you, whether than be your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance, etc. It’s not something that everyone thinks of, but with the gorgeous Tahoe views, you definitely would not want to pass up this opportunity. Having a beautiful and sentimental painting to hang up in your house after your wedding is the perfect wedding gift and will be a cherished piece of decor that will be in your family for years to come.

Fun Photo Booth Props

Create unique and fun props for your wedding photo booth! Having fun props makes your photo booth ten times more fun for your guests and the bonus part is that you can diy your props at a very low cost! Props with silly hashtags, funny phrases, and cute faces are most popular in Lake Tahoe weddings.


Wedding centerpieces are really such a small part of your wedding but can make the biggest difference at your reception. Having a certain type of decor for your tables can really set the vibe of your wedding, so make sure that your centerpieces match the theme you are going for. Centerpieces may be small, but they can definitely make your wedding look extra special!

As you can tell, the small extra details of your wedding will make the biggest difference when your day finally arrives. Your guests will appreciate the time and creativity that you spend on planning your wedding and ensuring that they have a special experience. Contact us directly at 530-543-2175 or email [email protected] to get started on planning your extra special wedding in Lake Tahoe!