Responsible Recreation During Your South Lake Tahoe Getaway

Responsible Recreation During Your South Lake Tahoe Getaway

After a stressful few months spent cooped up indoors, some fresh Tahoe air sounds pretty amazing right now, don’t you think? Between world-class golf courses, scenic trails, and beautiful beaches, there’s really no better place to social distance and explore the great outdoors. As California and the Lake Tahoe area starts to reopen, we want to do so safely and effectively. As always, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is keeping the safety of our guests and employees top of mind and working to support the efforts of state and local officials and organizations. While we’re excited for you to experience all the unforgettable recreational opportunities Tahoe has to offer, we want to echo the ideas put forth by health officials, Tahoe South, Take Care Tahoe, and others in regards to responsible recreation during your Tahoe getaway.

1. Wear a mask.

Planning to come to visit us here in Tahoe? Grab your mask! As of writing this post, masks are required for most activities and public spaces in California, per a mandate from Governor Gavin Newsom and state health officials. This is a simple way we can all work together to keep everyone safe and help minimize the risk of COVID-19.

2. Social distance.

We’re practicing the 6-feet social distancing rule here at our hotel, and it’s something we encourage our guests and travelers to do throughout their time in South Tahoe — even outdoors. Again, it’s an easy step that reduces potential Coronavirus risks and makes everyone feel more comfortable. We’re all about being friendly — a gentle wave, head nod, or simple smile are perfectly acceptable greetings during this time.

3. Bring sanitation supplies.

While many Lake Tahoe businesses, including our hotel, are doing our best to keep things clean and sanitary, we encourage you to do your part as well! Whether you’re enjoying a day at Baldwin Beach or hiking around Emerald Bay, it never hurts to have some hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes on hand. Of course, washing your hands is essential! Keeping your hands clean and wiping down picnic tables, rented recreational gear, and other surfaces goes a long way to help stop the spread of germs and keeps you and others safe. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is most effective.

4. Leave no trace.

There’s really no place as beautiful as Lake Tahoe — and we want to keep it that way! That’s why we fully support the idea of “leave no trace.” Summed up, it’s all about minimizing environmental impact and having respect for the land, animals, and your fellow humans. Properly disposing of all your trash and waste, sticking to designated trails and public areas, and leaving animals and plants alone are just a few simple ways to help preserve the beauty of Lake Tahoe for generations to come.

5. Reduce single-use plastic.

As humans, we generate a lot of waste, particularly from single-use plastics. Too often, that waste ends up in landfills, pollutes our crystal clear Lake Tahoe waters, and harms our beloved wildlife. If you’re visiting the area, plan ahead to help minimize single-use plastics throughout your stay, especially while enjoying outdoor activities. If possible, bring refillable water bottles and reusable straws along to stay hydrated on hikes and bike rides (our tap water here is delicious). Cloth bags, metal utensils, and other reusable storage containers are also easy to pack in and out if you’re enjoying a picnic or exploring the Tahoe outdoors.

6. Have a Plan B.

A little flexibility goes a long way when planning your Lake Tahoe adventure. For example, if a brewery or restaurant seems overly crowded or at max capacity, opt for takeout or visit another great Lake Tahoe restaurant option. If there’s long lines or waiting periods for equipment rental, try another recreational activity that doesn’t require specific gear. Having a backup plan and keeping your trip somewhat tentative allows you to keep yourself and others safer by minimizing crowds and wait times.

7. Use proper trail etiquette.

From hikers and cyclists to horses to dogs, everyone enjoys exploring our beautiful trails. Proper trail etiquette is always important in Tahoe, but even more so right now. Be sure you’re giving both animals and people plenty of space, cleaning up after your pets (and yourself), and being polite and courteous along the way. Of course, be sure you’re sticking to designated trails and following all regulations and guidelines. Together we can make the trails fun and enjoyable — no matter how you like to experience them.

8. Check-in before you go.

There is still a lot up in the air. Many Tahoe businesses are in the process of reopening but operating under different hours or putting other safety precautions in place. To avoid any frustrations or unexpected hiccups, we recommend researching and making reservations before you visit. Tahoe South is providing COVID-19 updates about what business, parks, and trails are open as well as other helpful tips. Many Tahoe businesses are also continuing to share ongoing updates on their website and social media channels. You can read more about how we’re keeping guests and employees safe here at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel here.

Hopefully, these tips help ease your mind and help you plan a safe, responsible, and fun trip to Tahoe! We look forward to months of Sierra-style fun and can’t wait to hear all about your Tahoe adventures! It has been a while, so we’re excited to welcome you back!

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