Plan a Safe Kid-Friendly Lake Tahoe Winter Adventure

Kids could play outside all day long, year-round, without a care in the world, especially in Lake Tahoe! This winter, we’re sharing some tips and resources for keeping kids safe and warm during winter activities in Lake Tahoe, so you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying if they’re warm!

Bundle Up

Lake Tahoe averages highs in the mid-forties and lows in the mid-twenties in the winter months, so proper cold-weather gear is a must for kids and adults on winter trips! As you’re planning your cold-weather gear, add one or two more layers to that for a child. Along with layers, kids should always be wearing a hat that covers their ears, gloves or mittens, a heavy coat with a hood, snow pants, and boots that aren’t too tight. Be sure to look for waterproof gear, because once something gets wet in the cold, it’s not going to warm up until you get inside!

Gear Up

Along with the cold comes fun winter activities, but they’re only fun when your kids are properly geared up! Helmets should always be worn for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and even ice skating. You also want to make sure your kids feel comfortable in their winter activity equipment to avoid any injuries. Examples such as ice skates, snowboards, and skis should all be properly fitted. Your Tahoe winter adventures won’t be fun for anyone if your child gets hurt, so make sure they’re geared up and protected properly!

Take Breaks

As much fun as Lake Tahoe can be in the winter, it’s also important for your kids to take breaks periodically throughout the day for them to warm up and chill out. All the fresh air in Lake Tahoe can really take a lot out of kids sometimes, so it’s important for them to have time to rest. If you think that it’ll be impossible to drag your kid inside from all of the fun they may be having, make break time a treat with hot chocolate and some of their favorite movies. We’re the only Lake Tahoe resort where every reservation includes a two-room suite. That means parents enjoy the privacy and peace of having their own space and kids love the rooms and family-friendly amenities. It won’t be hard to convince your family to head back to the suite for a little rest and relaxation during your trip! Once they’re warmed up and well-rested, they’ll be ready to head back out into the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe.

Educate Them

While we want to educate you on how to safely prepare your kids for winter fun, we also think it’s important for YOU to educate THEM. Sit down with your kids and teach them how to properly dress and gear up for winter. Discuss with them that they should not play alone outside and that they should play near warm shelters whenever possible. It’s also important for children to never be sent out into extreme weather conditions unsupervised and to keep them indoors if the temperature drops to dangerously cold temps. When your kids are properly educated on how to stay safe, you don’t have to worry so much!

Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, make the most of your winter trip to Lake Tahoe and plan some incredible family activities! Once they’re bundled up and have their helmets on, the possibilities are endless. If you need help planning a great winter vacation here in Tahoe, we’d love to help. Our team is local to Tahoe and loves this community.

If you’re ready to experience a Lake Tahoe winter, start planning your Lake Tahoe trip today! Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is a great place for your kids to experience all-things Tahoe and is an even better place for them to warm up after spending all day outside. Kids 17 and under stay for free and our all-suite resort is a family favorite! Grab your winter coats and we’ll see you here soon.