Plan Your Beautiful Lake Tahoe Wedding on a Budget

Balcony wedding in Tahoe

There’s no doubt that weddings can be expensive. However, sticking to your budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wedding. We meet with a lot of happy couples and host a lot of on-budget wedding ceremonies and receptions right here at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to help you plan your Tahoe wedding on a budget while still having the beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some of our best tips:


5 Fun and & Exciting Ideas for Your Next Lake Tahoe Meeting

Mountain view of Lake Tahoe, CA

Planning a meeting, conference, fundraiser, or other corporate event? You’re in luck. South Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for your next corporate gathering — big or small. Not only is it easily accessible from nearby major cities (like Reno, Carson City, and Sacramento) and the Reno Tahoe International Airport for out-of-town guests, but the mountain and lake views are mind-blowing and there are all sorts of exciting things happening year-round. If you’re the one tasked with meeting or event planning, have no fear. Check out these exciting and fun Lake Tahoe corporate event ideas and spice things up Sierra-style!


How to Host a Zero Waste Conference or Event At Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

Winter view of Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

We’re lucky enough to be located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so we take extra care to keep Lake Tahoe looking as picturesque and beautiful as ever. After all, we only get one Earth, so it’s up to all of us to protect it. With that in mind, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel works hard to reduce our negative environmental impact in a number of ways, and we encourage our guests and the meeting planners we work with to do the same. If sustainability is something your company and employees value, we can help you to implement a “zero waste” policy and green initiatives at your next corporate meeting or event.


Tips for Planning the Perfect Hike in Lake Tahoe

Trail in Lake Tahoe, California

The fresh air, the scenery, the wildlife — there’s really nothing like hiking around Lake Tahoe. When the weather starts to warm up, hiking is one of our favorite things to do in the area. We’ve got lots of great trails around here, so we definitely recommend lacing up your favorite hiking shoes and doing some exploring. If you do plan to hit the trails in or around Lake Tahoe, here are some tips to keep in mind.


6 Fun Facts About Lake Tahoe’s Natural Landscape

Beautiful sunset over Lake Tahoe

There’s no doubt Lake Tahoe is gorgeous to look at, but there’s more to this amazing place than meets the eye. A lot of visitors ask us, “What makes the lake and the Lake Tahoe area so special?” There’s so much that we can’t possibly answer that question in a single blog post or conversation. However, we can share some fun facts about the area that will blow your mind!