Extreme Activities In Lake Tahoe That You Can Check Off Your Bucket List

Extreme activities in Lake Tahoe

Are you a risk taker? Do you thrive off of adrenaline rushes? If that’s the case, then Lake Tahoe is the place for you! When you book your stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, you’ll be able to take part in extreme activities that will surely get your heart pumping. Whether you’re into being thousands of feet in the air or feeling your best when you’re scaling large rocks, Lake Tahoe will undoubtedly have something for you!


Ever been parasailing before? Well now is your chance! Parasailing is a popular activity in Lake Tahoe and has been for a while now. It’s a relatively low cost and low preparation activity compared to others around the area. You can find parasailing at Action Water Sports, Zephyr Cove, and Tahoe Sports with varying price ranges. Be sure to book your reservations at least 2 or 3 days in advance so you don’t risk missing out on this extreme activity!

Mountain Biking

Start pedaling because there are many great trails in Lake Tahoe for you mountain bikers to explore. Mountain biking can be a risky and rough sport through all the terrain you cover on your bike. It definitely can be challenging at times, especially on our hardcore Lake Tahoe bike trails. Challenge yourself on rides such as Mr. Toads, Van Sickle Trail, Powerline Trail and more. Remember to stay hydrated and push yourself to your limits!

Hot Air Balloon

We know it’s on everyone’s bucket list and what better way to experience a hot air balloon ride than with Tahoe’s perfect and stunning views as the backdrop! Check this activity off your bucket list by booking a flight at Lake Tahoe Balloons. You’ll experience Lake Tahoe in a way that you never have before and it truly will be an adventure of a lifetime. With reviews from past riders describing it as “one word – awesome” and “charming crew, stunning vistas, amazing experience,” you definitely cannot go wrong with this extreme Tahoe experience!

Ziplines & Ropes Courses

Need something that will really push your limits? Ziplines and adventure courses are great activities that will push you both physically and mentally. The Heavenly Adventure Park is a short walk from the hotel, and a popular option that has the Blue Streak zipline and a ropes course. Other places in Lake Tahoe like Tahoe Treetop offer a variety of ropes courses and ziplines with varying skill levels. Are you bold enough to do it? Try Tahoe ziplines and ropes courses today!

Hang Gliding

According to Hang Gliding Tahoe, hang gliding is “THE” thing to do in Lake Tahoe. This powered hang gliding experience is a quick 35 minutes away from the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and is an extreme activity that cannot be found in many other areas. During the flight of your lifetime, you’ll be with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor who will give you the opportunity to actually fly the aircraft. The instructor, Paul Hamilton, will give you the controls whenever you would like, depending on your comfort level. This insane experience will be one that you’ll want to tell all your friends about, so book your flight and be ready to glide above the gorgeous Tahoe views!

Rock Climbing

Gather up all your rock climbing gear because Lake Tahoe has a plethora of rock climbing spots for those who like to live life on the edge! Favorite spots like Lovers Leap, Pie Shop, and Eagle Creek Canyon are quality spots for those visiting the Lake Tahoe area. Because these rock slabs come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend doing a little bit of research before your climb, to make sure you choose a spot that fits your rock climbing skill level. Our staff know all the hot spots and local secrets when it comes to rock climbing in Lake Tahoe, so be sure to contact us before you head out!


What’s more extreme than jumping out of an airplane from 12,000 feet off the ground? Skydive Lake Tahoe is a premium skydiving center that pushes a strong emphasis on safety, satisfaction, and seamless customer service. If you’ve been patiently waiting to check skydiving off of your bucket list, Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination to do so. The incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the amazing Sierra Nevada Mountains will surely enhance your skydiving experience. With just a half hour drive from the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, you’ll be able to get your heart pumping and enjoy this extreme activity!

Jet Skiing

Cruise along the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe while full throttling it on a jet ski! With your hair blowing in the wind and the water splashing up on your sides, jet skiing is a great extreme activity to beat the Tahoe heat. When you stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, you’ll be able to take advantage of the four South Lake Tahoe marinas where you’ll be able to rent personal watercraft or jet skis. The Lakeside Marina, Camp Richardson, the Timber Cove Marina and the Round Hill Pines Marina all have starting rates of $149 for you to cool down and take part in this extreme activity!

If you’re looking to check off some extreme activities off your bucket list, clearly, Lake Tahoe is the place to go. With endless adrenaline rushes and full body thrillers, our once in a lifetime experiences will exceed your expectations. For all you adventure-seeking risk takers, book your stay now at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel or contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re ready to help you check off some bucket list items!