Corporate Event Marketing Checklist

Lake Tahoe Event Checklist

We know first hand that there are A LOT of moving parts when it comes to planning a business meeting or corporate event. From pre-event tasks to post-event duties, there’s a lot you need to remember to do! After so many years working closely with corporate event planners organizing events at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, we know that it can be a struggle to get attendees excited about an event. Some event planners we’ve worked with have gotten so caught up with all of the other planning details that they forget about how to properly promote their event to their target audience! To help, we’ve made a checklist of things you should do prior to your corporate event, so your attendees are excited and have their expectations set properly before they arrive!

Post Event Content Daily

One important step when it comes to marketing your event is that you need to consistently post on your social channels about your event. Your content should consist of posts that will keep your viewers interested in and engaged with the event you are planning. Hold weekly contests or quizzes to keep your audience engaged or post pictures of the event space, speakers, agendas, etc. so the attendees can visualize what the event may look like. If you’ve held previous events before, try adding pictures of those occasions; this gives attendees true insight on how they should set their expectations. Also, be sure to create an event hashtag specifically for your upcoming event and use it in all social posts pertaining to that event. Your event hashtag can help you meet your target audience, so be sure to not overlook it!

Ask for Input

Reaching out to your audience and business contacts to ask for input is a good way to make attendees feel included in the planning process, making them excited to attend your event. Asking and finding out what attendees actually want pertaining to anything from start times, specific event activities, platforms to be used, the number and length of breaks, to topics of discussion, gives the audience exactly what they want. You may be able to find this type of information from your own research, but this is a great way to get your attendees invested in and excited about your event!

Highlight Fun Activities Outside Event

Attendees coming from out of town (and even locals, if we’re being honest), are going to want to experience other activities other than your event. At the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel specifically, we make sure that guests have everything they need to make the most of their time in Lake Tahoe! Send your attendees links to great resources like Don’t Miss These Lake Tahoe Waterfalls or our list of Lake Tahoe Attractions. It’s important to us guests who are here on a business trip enjoy everything that Tahoe has to offer. With so much to see and do here in Lake Tahoe, it’s easy to see why it’s the perfect corporate event destination your guests will definitely want to come to!

Publish Agenda & Speakers

It’s always a good idea to publish the agenda for your event and the speakers expected to present so your attendees know what to look forward to. Your agenda should accurately break down your event into sections and should include time for breaks in between every couple of activities or so. In regards to your speakers, their names should be out to the public as soon as they confirm with you that they are presenting. While some presenters fail to confirm with you until the last minute, you can always play it off as a mystery or surprise, as long as you have a couple other speaker names published. The attendees don’t need to know all the little details, but they do need to be informed of a majority of what the event will consist of!

Spread the Word with Influencers & Sponsors

Once the details of your event have been confirmed, you need to get the word out! Spread the word by contacting relevant influencers within your industry to help you market your event. Another idea is to get sponsors for your event and have them promote it on their socials as well. You’ll be able to advertise their company while they advertise your event, so it really is a win-win for everyone involved! People need to be aware of your event and one way to spread awareness is through influencers and sponsors.

Feature Amenities of the Hotel

Another way to get attendees excited about your event is to feature all the amenities at the hotel they will be staying at! When corporate event attendees stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, they know beforehand that they’ll receive a full breakfast in the atrium each morning, their room will be comfortable and well decorated, the internet will be top notch, valet parking will be available to them and they can opt for an in-suite massage and spa. How could someone turn down a stay like that when attending an event!

Give a Reason Why They Should Attend

Most importantly, people need to know why they should take time out of their day to attend your event. Why should they attend and how will attending benefit them? Things like gaining clients and knowledge or simply just networking are great points on why people should attend events. Other topics like how to perform better at work or what a healthy work environment looks like are very beneficial and influential topics for business professionals attending corporate events. It’s all about making your event important and worthy for both you and your attendees!

Now that you’ve gone through our checklist, you know exactly where to start with getting your attendees excited about your corporate event! The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel offers great event spaces for you to put your new skills to the tests and is very helpful when it comes to your event marketing needs. Call us at 530-543-2122 or email [email protected] to book your next corporate event at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel!