Our Favorite Corporate Event Trends for 2021

Our Favorite Corporate Event Trends for 2021

Face-to-face interactions and quality in-person conversations are slowly coming back into our lives and we couldn’t be more thrilled! With the chance to connect again, we know how important it is for you and your business to host in-person corporate events. While we’ve missed being in-person, many of us can now cherish and appreciate the opportunity to build professional relationships and network with others more than ever before. This is your chance to truly connect with new business professionals and to also strengthen your current network. We’ve come up with our favorite corporate event trends for 2021 that will help you kick off your next in-person corporate event at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel!

1. Hybrid Events

As an event planner, we know that you are no stranger to hybrid events. If anything, after last year we have learned that you get the best of both worlds by hosting a hybrid event! These types of corporate events allow you to get back in the full swing of things with all of the components that come with in-person events, but you also get to fulfill the needs of others who don’t feel quite comfortable attending in-person yet or others who simply cannot make the event in-person. By hosting a hybrid event, you will create a better experience for attendees and will have more participants sign up because they will have the option of how they would like to attend. The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel provides you with a technology platform that can meet the needs of any event type and participant. Our onsite resources will help your event run smoothly and efficiently. We need to embrace the new changes and understand that hybrid events are the future!

2. Safety & Sanitation

Safety and sanitation is at the forefront of all in-person events in 2021. Proper disinfecting and cleaning routines need to be strictly followed to ensure the health and safety of all attendees. You may want to rethink how participants register for your event as moving the process all online would be very COVID-friendly. Other differences such as food, room layout, and activities may need to be re-thought of in a creative way so that registrants feel comfortable and safe while still having the chance to connect again with others face to face. At the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, safety is always our top priority and is more important than ever with the time that we live in. When it comes to our events, we ensure that you and your attendees are able to connect in a safe and responsible way. We follow safety protocols throughout our hotel that are also enforced and followed in our conference rooms.

3. Technology

It’s not surprising that implementing technology into your events is one of our favorite corporate event trends in 2021 as it is widely used at many events. Besides incorporating a virtual component to your in-person event there are many other ways to integrate technology into your event. First, facial recognition registration is a fast and easy way to have participants register when they attend your event if you don’t want to put registration 100% online. This keeps the waiting line moving fast and efficiently so your attendees don’t have to waste their time in a long line! Another way to integrate technology into your event is to use multi-use event apps. These apps can be very beneficial as they allow for more networking, interaction and engagement throughout your event. Forget the bulky information packets and include everything between speaker bios from event schedules to keep your attendees informed and on schedule. Other ideas like augmented reality, event diagramming in 3D and second screen technology are all great ways to incorporate technology into your event and enhance the guest experience.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability is a very popular topic and a matter that we all need to be conscious of. With that being said, events all around the country are becoming more sustainable to create and maintain better conditions for future generations. One way to make your event more sustainable is to reduce water use. Don’t pre-fill water cups before dinner. Simply ask for pitchers of water to be placed on the tables so that guests can pour themselves the right amount of water for them. Also, leave out the post-dinner coffee in carafes and have a beverage station instead. The coffee pitchers waste a lot of hot water, so instead have a station with both tea bags and instant coffee options to reduce the amount of wasted water. Next, eliminate plastic and paper products at your event. Use non-disposable plates and silverware and do not use plastic cups. It’s better for the environment! Paper handouts are also a waste as that information can all be delivered online to attendees. Reusable totes are also great gifts to hand out instead of paper-based gift bags. Lastly, but certainly not least, cut down on food waste. Ask for dietary restrictions in advance and use smaller-sized plates to reduce portion sizes. Serve locally sourced and organic foods to ensure that your event is truly sustainable! At Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, we’re proud to be the area leader in hotel environmental sustainability. Check out more information on How to Host a Zero Waste Conference or Event At Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel!

5. Trending Venue

We saved the best corporate event trend for last! Our favorite event trend is the event venue being at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel! With easy access from Reno/Tahoe International Airport for out-of-town registrants and our delicious on-site resort catering options, the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is a trending venue site in Lake Tahoe for corporate events. We’ve got a variety of features and amenities that exceed the needs of corporate event planners and know that your event will be successful at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Meet at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and find out why our venue is trending!

The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel offers a safe and responsible venue for you and your business to get back at it with your in-person events. Incorporate these trends into your next corporate event and contact us whenever you feel safe and ready. We can’t wait to speak with you and help with your event planning needs!