12 Reasons to Host All Your Wedding Festivities at One Venue

Oftentimes at weddings, it seems like we spend more time navigating from place to place than actually mingling and enjoying the celebration. We travel (possibly a long distance) to the ceremony, just to jump back in the car and navigate to the cocktail hour or reception — which may or may not be at the same places as our hotel/lodging accommodations. Of course, there may be a different venue for the bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, gift opening, or bridal brunch as well. Moving from place to place throughout the wedding weekend can range from confusing to downright frustrating — especially if you or your guests are unfamiliar with the area, you’re on a tight schedule, or the locations aren’t close together. All that stress and hassle can be avoided by using a multi-purpose venue and hosting your wedding — including your ceremony, reception, and lodging — in one location. Here are a few of the benefits of using an all-in-one venue for your wedding.

  1. Save on venue fees. Even if you plan on getting married in a church, most venues charge fees. By sticking with one venue, you can cut down on multiple venue fees for insurance, staffing, rental, and more. Some venues may even offer a deal for “bundling” your wedding events together in one place.
  2. Save on transportation. Hosting your event within a single venue can cut down on transportation costs. No shuttles to transport guests or limo service for the wedding party! Not having those transportation costs can help create some wiggle room in your budget for other wedding necessities.
  3. Save on vendors. Many vendors may charge per hour or require additional mileage/travel compensation. Not having to go between venues means travel time is minimized, which could save you money. As an added bonus, vendors only have to familiarize themselves with one spot. (While you’re here, don’t miss our list of awesome Lake Tahoe wedding vendors.)
  4. Save on wedding decor. By having the venue in one place, it’s much easier to reuse wedding decor that’s difficult to transport (such as flowers, archways, and chair covers) at both the ceremony and reception. The more you can repurpose the decor, the less you have to buy or rent upfront. There’s also less of a chance something will get damaged or ruined during transport.
  5. Easy planning and scheduling. That wedding day itinerary/schedule is going to be important to keep things running smoothly. One venue means less coordinating for the happy couple, the wedding party, and the vendors. Guests can also seamlessly move from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and beyond without much hassle.
  6. No travel between events. That means more time for celebrating, photos, and mingling with guests. Plus, not having to shuffle gifts, the guest book, makeup, and other wedding day necessities minimizes your chance of forgetting something important. Less travel also minimizes risks such as traffic, accidents, or car troubles disrupting your big day.
  7. Easy parking. Parking should always be a consideration on your big day. Adequate parking is important for you and your guests. Having all festivities in one spot makes it easy since everyone only has to park once and there are minimal traffic issues during pick up and drop off times.
  8. No worries about drunk driving. If you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, you want guests to be able to indulge and have fun. If you opt not to offer transportation between the reception and the hotel, oftentimes guests have to stress over who has to be the designated driver or whether there’s a ride share service available. Utilizing one venue means you and your guests don’t even have to worry about having that second — or third — cocktail throughout the evening.
  9. Minimize denominational disagreements. Many families from various religious backgrounds can get in heated debates about whether to have the wedding in one place of worship with a specific religious affiliation/denomination versus another. Many may not be religious at all. Hosting your wedding ceremony and reception in one location, such as a hotel, can minimize these debates and keep the peace on the big day.
  10. Set up and clean up is easy. Not having to orient yourself and go through the process of setting up all the decor and cleaning it up at each venue can just make things so much easier and less stressful. One and done!
  11. Easier for senior guests and those with young children. If you want grandparents and guests with youngsters to be a part of the big day, it’s important to keep them in mind. After a day of festivities, your senior guests may want to slip away between events, or head to their rooms early to rest and escape the noise, so having lodging close by is handy. Same goes for guests who are bringing along toddlers and infants. Having easy access to their hotel room makes naps and feedings easier.
  12. You’ll get to know the venue staff. Having the entire wedding in one place allows you to get to know the staff better — and vice versa. The staff will get to know you and your vision for the big day better, which means they’ll be able to serve you better. In addition, you’ll know exactly who’s in charge of what and who to go to with questions and concerns. It’s a win-win and a much more memorable partnership.

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